Special Note:

We want to thank all those who support Camp Subiaco.  It's our belief that we can make a difference in a young boys life.

Please contact us at (479) 934-1029 if you have any questions regarding your donation.

Support Camp Subiaco

Camp Subiaco operates with the help of many volunteers and supporters. There is much to do and lots of supplies and equipment to purchase to ensure that a Camp Subiaco camper has the experience of his life. It is a boys camp and boys like toys! It is a Blast!!

There are also families that need help with the camp fee. Some need a little help and others more help. It is a shame to see a boy miss out on a summer camp experience for lack of a few hundred dollars.

Please consider supporting Camp Subiaco.
Let's put a smile on a young boys face!

Thank you for supporting the mission of Camp Subiaco.

Pat Franz
Camp Director


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